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Through PhBroking Giancarlo Fabbi offers himself as confidential consultant to buy and sell works of international photographs, as well as essential point of reference for artists and collectors to be promptly informed about novelties and rarities offered by Italian and International market. 

Quotations are the outcome of a serious and accurate study of the International market index, which allows us to attribute any single work of art the right value.

The collectors can be sure to buy a work of art which has been selected and guaranteed in its value. 

Using a database of over 2.000 clients, PhBroking matches demand and offer allowing for quick and safe goals.

PhBroking collaborates with Ketterer Kunst, the important German Auction House which Giancarlo Fabbi represents in Italy.

Giancarlo Fabbi, art collector for over 30 years, international exhibition and event organiser, lives and works between Modena and Paris.